Benefits Of Running Auto Repair Software In Your Shop:

Benefits Of Using Cubtar

Technology is advancing day after another; there are many options of workshop management programs to ways and methods available to owners of car maintenance workshops. Here comes the question, why should I use one of the auto repair software programs?

We know that the most important factor in any project is the customer, so obvious right?

The person who will come to you because of your services, and therefore your customer satisfaction standards must be very high.

As we all know, technology helps us find and use ways to facilitate the work and turn the customer’s experience with us into an unforgettable memory. For this reason, the use of auto repair software contributes to maintaining the customer and increasing loyalty, which helps to develop your business.

According to the most powerful workshops and auto maintenance centers, every car repair center should have a reliable management system to develop work quickly and efficiently, but why?

Benefits of Auto Repair Software:

Saving date and time:

Every garage runs many cars a day, which can be lead to the difficulty of managing all the involved details. For example, how can we tackle the spare parts used each day, and how many spare parts left for each car model?

Cubtar saves all the relevant dates in the car with the addition of the entry card, examination, and inspection by the insurance company. It saves all this data securely in cloud servers in which the user can always access the data quickly and smoothly.

Reducing paper usage:

Cubtar Vs Regular Paperwork
Cubtar Vs Regular Paperwork

Car maintenance centers revolve around a lot of paper files, which is a tough job. Everything related to the car must be saved, such as an entry card, claim number, copy of the claim, saving pictures of the accident, workshop pricing, spare parts rates, invoices, etc.

There is a lot of paper in maintenance centers!

So, do not be carried away when you have a workshop management program in your district that contains all the vehicle information you have in your center and throughout all of your branches.

Cubtar saves all the data securely with accurate permissions that only enable the right employees to access and view data at any time and anywhere.

An Automated Workflow In Your Auto Repair Shop:

Automated Communication With Cubtar
Automated Communication With Cubtar

Every car workshop has many responsibilities that must be repeatedly performed at any time, just like throwing balls in the air and catching them together.

Now with Cubtar, you can automate almost all of the repetitive, for example sending invoices or collecting car files and sending them to the insurance company for inspection and replying to you.

With Cubtar, flee reports can’t be easier.

Moving Forward

We at Cubtar listen to all our customers and perform any modification that our customers require in line with their work history, and in return, we are happy to meet and gain your satisfaction, which prompts each Cubtar staff to perform amendments and upgrade on a weekly basis.

Special Offer For You:

Special Offer From Cubtar

We know that you indeed must be skeptical of using a new app that might cost too much and not serve your needs. That’s why we have allowed a free demo for you to run Cubtar for free for weeks and see the results yourself with your own eyes.

You can register for Cubtar – The Best Auto Repair Software by clicking here.

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